• Our experienced trial attorneys conduct mediation services bringing their courtroom experience to bear on the dispute.  We provide our services in a neutral manner as compared to other mediation services that use “trained mediators” who are trained to “get to yes”.  Unlike Godson attorneys, other mediation services may not have the experience necessary to determine if the agreement is overall balanced, fair, and reasonable under the circumstances.
  • We can anticipate where certain issues may present future problems(traditional mediators who lack experience actually representing people in dispute) – as opposed to experience in “dispute resolution” – may not be able to see that certain agreements, without contingency language, such as the selection of a parenting coordinator where co-parenting may be an issue of debate between parents, are “litigation breeders.”
  • We won’t avoid necessary conflict just to reach an agreement (some mediators may wish to avoid all conflict in reaching an agreement, but sometimes conflict is a necessary component to reaching an agreement that considers the concerns of both parties) not just the dominant party in the family paradigm. Drawing the conflict out in a constructive way can make a difference in constructing a fair agreement.
  • You leave our office with an entire package ready for filing with the court. Our office prepares and collects all documents necessary for you to go to court, file your divorce package and move forward with the process. We demystify the G.L. c. 1A Divorce process.
  • Multiple, experienced, Trial Attorneys at Godson Legal Group are available so the process can be expedited. We are not solo mediators and can accommodate your scheduling needs.
  • You save money without compromising quality. Compared to traditional litigation you will save thousands of dollars. You do get what you pay for. If you choose a bargain basement priced mediator you will often get a bargain basement product. We may be a little bit more expensive when compared to others who offer mediation services, but you will get quality in the process and quality in the product.
  • Recognized industry excellence. Lloyd D. Godson is an elected member of the Massachusetts Bar Association’s House of Delegates and a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Family Law Council. Attorney Godson is a past president of the Middlesex County Bar Association and has been involved in bar related conciliation programs for years.

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